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Transportation throughout the Denver metropolitan area has been made much more effective by the Regional Transportation District bus and rail service, often shortened as RTD. While buses and rails are facilitative and generally deemed safer than other transportation forms, accidents involving buses are not as rare as you might suspect (and are sometimes much worse than car crashes).

You may learn the hard way that RTD accidents can be both deeply traumatizing and hard on your pocket too. If you were involved in such an accident, then the law of Denver, Colorado entitles you to fair financial compensation in this regard. A Denver RTD accident lawyer can help.!

However, getting the monetary reimbursement for your economic and non-economic losses can become complicated at times. Having a team of competent lawyers by your side can make all the difference when it comes to claiming your rightful financial compensation.

Common Causes of RTD Accidents

Collisions with buses can happen to both pedestrians and drivers. It may not be your fault at all, and if that is so, you will be well in your rights to sue and seek financial compensation for your losses.

The common causes of such accidents include:

Distracted Driver: Some drivers display dangerous levels of negligence by busying themselves with phone calls or eating while driving. This inevitably leads to disaster – distracted driving is one of the leading causes of bus accidents.

Over-Speeding: If a bus was traveling above the speed limit when the accident happened, the driver is to be blamed. Over-speeding is itself an offense, and when it results in an accident, the driver speeding excessively is considered to blame by default.

Intoxicated Driver: Sometimes, people go beyond the safe limit of alcohol intake (it is never okay to drive under the influence), and this also applies to drivers. Driving while intoxicated by high doses of alcohol, or worse, drugs, have been associated with bus accidents in the past.

Mistake On Part Of The Driver: Even an ultra-vigilant and licensed driver can make a mistake sometimes, and that may result in a serious accident.

Technical Issue With The Bus: In this case, the driver is not to blame. Perhaps the bus failed to stop in time, or there was some other technical/manufacturing defect in the vehicle that caused the accident. If such an issue is proven in the court of law, the manufacturer and the bus company will be at fault.

Unsafe Road Conditions: Wet roads, poor visibility due to fog, or assorted issues can make the roads unsafe, leading to accidents.

The law of Denver, Colorado, demands bus drivers to be ever vigilant and the bus companies to keep their fleet in pristine condition. If you were involved in an accident caused by either party's negligence, you have the right to sue them or even the city of Denver (for public transport).

However, the opposite may be true if the RTD is not at fault (and you are).

RTD Accident Injuries (Denver, Colorado)

Automobile accidents, even those involving buses, are not necessarily severe in all cases. However, serious accidents can and do happen. In case of a minor bus accident (if you were in a car), one might end up with shock to the spine, some minor bruising, neck pain, and so on.

For a pedestrian, a minor bus accident might leave them with scars, bruises, scrapes, bone fractures, minor brain damage, muscle injury, and so on. However, in severe cases, injuries may be fatal. Bus accidents have caused fatalities in the past as well.

Severe head injuries, blows to the spine (sometimes leading to paralysis), permanent or long-term deformations, disability, amputations, critical injuries in internal organs, and much more is possible in the case of a major accident involving a bus.

denver rtd accident lawyer

What To Do After A RTD Accident?

Whether the accident was minor or major, call the police immediately. If you can’t do it yourself (feeling dizzy or temporarily incapacitated), ask someone else to do so. In many states, it is a legal obligation to inform the police when such an incident unfolds.

Take note of all details, including the license plate number of the bus, the name of the driver, his contact information, driver’s license information, and so on. You should also take some pictures showing what happened, including pictures of your injuries.

Next, your goal should be to get the contact info of any bystanders as they can become valuable witnesses. When the reporting officers show up, tell them everything, and ask for a copy of their report.

Next, you should hang onto any medical expense receipts, loss of income, and out-of-pocket expenses.

When you file a compensation claim with the offender’s insurance company, this evidence will help you make all the difference.

If the insurance company is being unfair, seek the assistance of professional bus accident attorneys.

Financial Compensation For Losses Incurred By A RTD Accident

On average, personal injury claims can get people a compensation between $3,000 and $75,000. However, in severe cases, the sum may be many times more than this. The compensation for damages that you receive will be based on the intensity of your economic and non-economic losses and potential long-term problems associated with those losses.

Your personal injury attorney will simply sum up all of your economic losses, factor in any severe damage or injuries, and then multiply your financial loss sum with a number up to five. This way, you will get a fair reimbursement based on your level of pain and suffering.

Of course, in severest cases, the compensation sum for a pedestrian accident victim may be much higher than this.

Contact A Denver RTD Accident Lawyer At FLF Today

Getting the reimbursement you rightfully deserve after such a traumatic event is important and justified. However, insurance companies always come up with excuses to pay you less than what you deserve. This is unfair but very frequent. Moreover, the at-fault driver may also try to escape the blame.

You don’t have to go in alone. Get the legal muscle you need to win. Competent Denver bus accident lawyers will help make all the difference in your accident lawsuit.. The Firouzbakht Law Firm has your back in any personal injury case, and you don’t have to pay us a penny unless you’ve won your rightful claim.

Get a personal injury lawyer to help you deal with this mess, give us a call for a free consultation session, and we’ll show you how we can make a difference in your case!

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