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Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?


If you have been involved in an accident or have been injured due to a negligent party, you have grounds to file a personal injury claim. When this happens, you begin to wonder about the process. Many questions run through your mind. "Do I need a personal injury lawyer? How do I handle the damage caused? Can I handle the property damage claims by myself? What is the first step to take in this situation?"

At Firouzbakht Law Firm, we have the answers you need. But first, let's see if it's worth hiring a personal injury lawyer.

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Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are numerous benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer as an accident victim.. Injury attorneys: 

Are Neutral Parties

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you are handing over your case to a neutral party that can handle your case objectively. As you are the injured party, you might be subjective because of the pain you're suffering. But an accident lawyer can make objective decisions and get you compensation for injuries

Are More Experienced

You should hire a lawyer because they have more personal injury experience. They have also spent time working on cases similar to yours. A legal counsel might have even made an insurance claim against the insurance company you are up against. With their legal expertise, they understand the law thoroughly and ensure that you get a fair settlement.

Can Ensure That You Reach a Resolution

Unfortunately, not every insurance adjuster will offer you enough money to prevent financial hardship. It is also possible that the other party's insurance coverage is not enough. In such cases, resolving might be harder than you anticipated. The personal injury lawyer will explore several other ways of getting a resolution. This might include negotiating with the responsible party or, in some cases, going to trial. 

Do Not Charge Upfront Fees

Despite the misconception around attorney fees, they do not charge upfront. Until your case is won, your lawyer will work without requiring payment from you. When you eventually get a settlement, they get paid for every expense from that settlement. This is even more incentive to ensure that your case is settled and that your settlement is fair.

Save You Time and Other Resources

The time that you would spend on making personal injury claims can be unquantifiable. This happens especially when the insurance company draws out the claim deliberately to frustrate you. A personal injury lawyer would help you save time and money in such cases in such cases. We are professionals and, as such, can help request medical records. We can also consult medical experts and private investigators to ensure that we prove potential damages or any severe injury.

Help You Get Higher Settlements

According to the Insurance Research Council, settlements are 40% higher when a lawyer represents claimants. Our team of experts knows the average compensation for injuries and can push for much higher than you could. This way, you can stem losses and reclaim costs for any damage.

When Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When should you consider hiring a personal injury lawyer? We outline instances when you might need to hire a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you get compensation..

When You Get Injured

When you have a minor injury, you might think you can independently handle your personal injury case. However, in such cases, the injured person receives a few hundred dollars, pays for medical treatment, and gets on with his/her life. It would help if you considered that minor injuries could worsen and need additional medical care and medical expenses. Whatever type of injury you sustain, bodily injury, minor scrapes, etc., you should get legal counsel.

However, you must hire a super lawyer in cases of catastrophic injury claims, such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, or a permanent disability.. These injuries could require long-term treatment, and you need to ensure that you have the means to get such medical care. A licensed auto accident injury attorney will ensure that you receive all your settlement money.

Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you bore medical costs or suffered a loss of wages, you should also get compensation. You can also get paid for pain and suffering. This means that you can get money for the emotional trauma you passed through. While you may not have the ability to make all these claims or quantify their worth, a reputable attorney can.

When You Are Unsure Who Is at Fault

You might be unsure if you caused the car accident or if the other party caused it in some types of accidents. The negligent driver's company might want to pass on the blame to you, especially if the fault driver also suffered an injury.

In such cases, competent counsel can establish the fault party and make their insurance company pay all forms of compensation. Most law firms have investigative staff who will prove your innocence and protect you from counterclaims and cross-claims.

When the Insurance Company is Delaying Your Accident Claim

You can be within your rights to make a personal injury claim, and the insurance provider delays or denies it. While this is an unfortunate situation, it occurs more times than it should. Many insurance carriers draw out the time of settlement. Once you get tired of the settlement process, you would either withdraw your claims or settle for whatever payment for injuries they offer.

Whether this amount would be enough to take care of your medical expenses and any additional medical care might be hard to decide. You should immediately seek legal counsel if this complex process occurs.

When There Are Multiple Parties Involved

In situations where one could blame multiple parties for an accident, it might be hard to receive fair compensation. Fortunately, with the right legal resources, you can make your claims and receive a fair settlement. Even if you have to deal with multiple insurance companies because of the parties involved, a licensed attorney can handle this.

How To Find a Great Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding the right lawyer might be hard. These tips help you make the selection process easier:

Pick a Law Firm With a Great Reputation

When searching for the right legal professionals, you must find one with a good reputation. At Firouzbakht Law Firm, we have a reputation for ensuring that our personal injury clients' claims are settled as soon as possible.. It is our duty to ensure that cases are not drawn out unnecessarily for selfish reasons. As such, we have earned our reputation of being one of the best law firms in Denver, Colorado.

Choose a Law Firm That Represents Plaintiffs

At Firouzbakht, we pride ourselves on beating insurance companies at their own game. We ensure that we represent plaintiffs using our best resources. Our personal injury lawyers have represented plaintiffs for years and, in that period, won a good number of our cases. You can trust us to represent your claims properly and ensure that you get a fair settlement for your injury.

Choose a Law Firm That Has Received Recognition for Their Work

Receiving recognition from peers and institutions is a sign of great work in the legal industry. As such, you should choose a law firm that has been recognized for such great work. At Firouzbakht Law Firm, we have received awards and recognitions for our work. We have been selected as Super Lawyers and recognized for Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.

How Do I Pay the Personal Injury Lawyer?

One of the reasons why people avoid the legal process is the cost. Misinformed people believe that it costs a lot to hire a lawyer, so they do not bother.. However, the way a personal injury lawyer is paid is quite different from what many people believe. Unlike many other professions, injury lawyers make their money when they win a personal injury lawsuit.

This means that a potential client does not pay the lawyer out of pocket, neither do they pay upfront for consultations. Instead, we get our money from an out-of-court settlement or what the court awards you if the case is eventually tried. This method of payment is known as a "Contingency fee."

Personal injury lawyers charge contingency fees instead of upfront payments or an hourly rate. This is because it gives room for anyone to get legal representation for their personal injury cases. Whether the claimant comes from a privileged background or is a poor person, he/she can afford even an experienced lawyer with this method.

How Much Do I Pay a Lawyer?

The lawyer’s payment is on a contingency fee basis. It depends on your settlement or how much the court awards to you during your trial. Typically, when you win, you pay between 33% to 40% of the total settlement to the personal injury attorneys.

There is also something called a 'Sliding Scale' option. Some personal injury attorneys will draw up your agreement and indicate that you pay the contingency fee depending on what stage you resolve the case at. Suppose the case takes less time and effort from the legal team, and the insurance companies make a great counteroffer. In such cases, personal injury attorneys could charge less than the usual 33%.


However, if the case drags on for longer, you might have to pay much closer to 40%. Suppose your claim does not get a fair settlement offer out-of-court, and you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. In such cases, the injury law firms might charge much higher for the additional expense and resources.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today!

Have you or your loved one been involved in an accident? Does it involve property damages or medical issues with short-term or long-term care? Have you made pocket expenses? Let us help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule an initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer at Firouzbakht Law Firm today. Our team will get you started on your way to a fair settlement.

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