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Are Uber Drivers Required to Pay for Accidents?


Uber riding is more popular than ever before. It does not matter if you are a passenger or driver,  there are crucial facts you must understand about ridesharing. Uber collisions are typical in Colorado, so it is vital to know the laws and when you need to partner with a team of auto accident attorneys. Contact the Uber accident attorneys at Firouzbakht Law Firm to manage your claim so you can concentrate on recovery, not paperwork for a liability insurance policy..

A rideshare company like Uber is booming in Colorado. Many residents depending on their rideshare app to get to the grocery store, doctor, or after a night out. Sadly, Uber and Lyft drivers can get into collisions with other vehicles, producing harm to passengers and drivers alike.

Reasons for an Uber Accident Claim

FARS, a database that tracks all vehicle deaths. According to the available information, Uber confirmed over 95 deadly accidents with 107 total fatalities in 2017 and 2018 combined.

An Uber driver is checking his phone for an address

Bystanders, other motorists, and pedestrians are susceptible to becoming accident victims with an Uber vehicle.. Just as with all types of accidents, the probable list of causes causing rideshare collisions is exceptionally long and might include:

·    Faulty maintenance of automobiles

·    Tired driver

·    Ignore traffic rules

·    Driving intoxicated on drugs or alcohol

·    Distraction driving (texting, conversing, watching the GPS)

·    Speeding

There is no doubt that all the precipitating issues listed above can create permanent and debilitating damage. People who suffer these losses must pursue the monetary benefits they deserve.

Numerous questions surround problems of liability in crashes with rideshare vehicles. The assistance of a Denver personal injury lawyer could make all the difference in deciding the most efficient course of action.

Uber Vehicles and Insurance Coverage

When it comes to evaluating insurance coverage available in the aftermath of an Uber accident, it is essential to note that in a general sense, Uber has around $1 million auto insurance policy that includes liability coverage. Additionally, Uber provides $1 million of underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.

These amounts only come into existence if a driver uses the Uber app at the time of the event. An Uber crash raises fundamental questions about who is accountable for losses if an accident happens before or after the driver is officially engaging in Uber rideshares..

Possible Targets of an Uber Crash Lawsuit

There can be no doubt that the lawyers representing Uber have taken tremendous pains to write their companies' terms of use in such a way as to shift the dangers of riding almost entirely to passengers. Individuals who work as Uber or Lyft drivers are independent contractors, a label meant to emphasize corporate disclaimers of liability.

However, the latest move is Uber's corporate executives are giving more extensive amounts of control over their drivers. This move could have significant liability implications in the future for those involved in Uber accidents.

All car accidents are highly fact-intensive incidents, including independently owned cars or those used in Uber rideshare services. Firouzbakht Law Firm is willing and able to open a complete investigation of what happened, so there is an inclusion of all possible targets of the injury claim. In this way, a law professional examines each avenue of recovery and total compensation sought.

Colorado Uber Accident Lawyer.

Zillions of people use their app to schedule for a vehicle to carry them to their destination. The ongoing expansion of rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber display no sign of decreasing, and the liability questions related to them are very problematic.

Drivers and rideshare customers might not realize what sort of insurance coverage could be available when an accident happens. Victims owe it to themselves to talk with a Denver auto accident lawyer who is knowledgeable about the issues and can make persuasive arguments and efficient legal strategies..

Crashes involving Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare operator could produce life-altering consequences that leave whole families on the verge of ruin. Lost income, medical bills, therapy costs, and other unexpected expenses could swiftly become unsurmountable. In such cases, victims must fight for the resources they require.

According to Colorado law, Uber drivers must have personal auto insurance, including accident insurance during a planned ride. A planned ride is when the driver undertakes a ride request to the time the passenger exits the automobile. This fact means that the coverage is in effect even if the driver has taken a fare request but has not picked up the passenger.

What to Do After an Uber Accident

The minutes after any car crash are muddling. You are probably suffering from injuries, and you might not know how the accident occurred. You likely do not know what to do next. Making the proper steps at this point is especially important. It is the only way to safeguard your claim and your right to a settlement in the future. Following an Uber accident, you need to:

Exchange Information – You need to write down the names, contact information, license plate numbers, driver's license, and proof of insurance information of all involved individuals, including the Uber driver. If there were witnesses to the incident, be sure you get their contact information as well.

Take Photos – You need to take photos of the scene of any personal injuries, damaged vehicles, and any other essential details like the traffic light. Also, take pictures of any damage to the vehicles involved.

Seek Medical Attention – Your health must always be your main priority after a crash. If you have severe injuries, call 911 or have a witness call for you. If you have no serious injuries, you may stay at the scene. However, you should seek medical care as soon as you leave.

This idea is crucial even if you do not believe you have a bodily injury. Some injuries are not evident immediately.

Uber driver uses phone while driving in Denver

File an Accident Report – While you should call the police after an auto crash in Colorado, the police will not always file a report. They will only do so if there is significant property damage or personal harm. Also, you should file a report directly with Uber. When you file a report, you make a record of the incident.

Deciding Liability in Uber Crashes

When an auto crash happens, it is hard to determine who was at fault and liability for the accident. The individual responsible for the accident is the one that acted recklessly and negligently.

When motorists act negligently, they could be held liable for an accident. A responsible driver is a person whose driver mode includes negligent driving (ignoring street signs, distracted driving, drunk driving, and disregarding street signals). When a driver does not drive in a way that will keep everyone safe, those hurt in an accident could hold them liable.

It is not just motorists that are responsible for a crash. If an automobile has faulty parts, the manufacturer could be liable in case of an accident. Also, if the street was in horrible condition and caused an accident, a government sector can even be held responsible for a crash.

It is so complex to determine liability after an Uber crash. There are usually numerous parties, and negligence is not always easy to recognize. For instance, if rideshare drivers do not fix their brakes and brake failure created an accident, that negligent act might not always be readily apparent.

Deciding who the responsible party is and what percentage of fault they carry could be taxing. An Uber accident lawyer from our Denver, Colorado law firm could help those hurt in Uber accident decide who the negligent driver is and hold them responsible..

Damages Recoverable in an Uber-Related Accident

Under Colorado law, any passenger or other motorist hurt by a fault driver is entitled to total compensation for their losses. Over the years, pedestrians, passengers, bicyclists, and many others have received Uber accident settlement amounts thanks to the extensive rideshare insurance policies. Through a personal injury claim, injured individuals could get funds for:

·    Long-term disability

·    Medical costs

·    Pain and suffering

·    Lost wages

·    Loss of limb

·    Emotional distress

·    Loss of enjoyment of life

·    Disfigurement

Claiming this personal insurance is not simple. Though Uber's liability insurance coverage offers a tremendous amount, you must still deal with the insurance carrier. Like any other commercial insurance policy, the concern of Uber's insurer is profits instead of offering coverage to an injured party.

The insurer will use several tactics to reject your accident claim or offer a monetary insurance benefit that fails to cover all your losses completely. Anyone in an Uber accident should speak to an accident attorney ASAP.

What Should I Do if I'm in an Uber Accident in Colorado?

When you're the driver, you should comply with the conditions of Colorado law that require you to give the other driver your name, insurance information, and license information.

You should report the incident to Uber as a driver or report the crash to Uber as a rider. Next, you should talk to a Colorado Uber accident lawyer to ensure that you get fair compensation as an injured passenger..

What To Know About Uber And Lyft Accidents In Colorado

Transportation is always sort of a hassle. But what happens in case of an Uber accident, when a trip request that was to be a brief amount of travel unexpectedly becomes a colossal inconvenience taking over your day?

Rideshare service will continually try to disregard any association with liability claims for apparent reasons – they are businesses. Bad reputations are terrible for business. Therefore, ridesharing services like Uber has taken care to eliminate financial risk and responsibility, putting it onto the independent contractor (the driver) versus their corporation.

How Can a Colorado Uber Accident Attorney Help Me.?

A Denver Uber attorney could help you answer correctly and get peak compensation when you are in a ride-sharing accident.. Whether there are Uber passengers or the driver, you have the right to maximum funds under Colorado law.

A personal injury law firm could help make sure that you contact the proper people and businesses for insurance coverage and guarantee that you put into effect your rights under Colorado law. They could settle your case effectively, protecting your rights.

Reach Out to Our Denver Uber Accident Attorneys

Uber driver is texting while driving in Denver

If you have been in a crash that involved an Uber driver, it is vital to realize you are not alone. At Firouzbakht Law Firm, we are here to assist. Our Denver personal injury attorney will decide who was the responsible driver for the covered accident, talk to any insurance company on your behalf, deal with their  commercial policy, and assist you in getting peak compensation for your losses and physical damage. Get in touch with us today for your free consultation.

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