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How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Denver?


If you were hurt in a motor vehicle accident, and you are less than 50% for its occurrence, you have the right to receive financial compensation from the at-fault driver. In most cases, their insurance company will pay. However, this is not a simple and straightforward process. Before you get a chance to recover from your bodily injuries and emotional distress, an insurance adjuster will contact you and offer a quick settlement. This is most certainly less than what an experienced personal injury attorney at Firouzbaktht Law Firm could negotiate for you.
A professional accident injury law firm can make the difference between fair compensation for your expenses, losses and damages and getting a small payout that doesn't even cover your hospital bills. The negotiation process is complex, and most accident victims are not even fully recovered by the time when they should file a personal injury claim.. When the victim dies, the situation is even more difficult: the bereaved family is barely able to cope with the loss, let alone prepare to file a wrongful death claim.

Best Car Accident Lawyer in Denver

What Kind of Compensations Can You Recover after a Car Crash?

Personal injury law in Colorado allows victims to obtain three types of compensations:

Economic damages refer to all the expenses you've incurred and revenues you've lost as a direct result of the automobile accident. Such damages include:

  • cost of ambulance ride
  • hospital stay and medical treatment you received for your physical injuries
  • ongoing medical care and rehabilitation costs (including physical therapy and counseling)
  • lost wage and loss of income in the future
  • costs to repair property damage (your wrecked car).

Non-economic damages compensate you for your mental pain and physical suffering, loss of companionship, loss of consortium, anxiety and depression. It is always a challenge to demonstrate to an insurance company representative how the experience of the accident impacted your life and why you ask for such compensation. An experienced accident attorney can do that, with strong arguments.

Punitive damages are awarded at the end of a personal injury lawsuit, if the jury finds that the fault driver acted with malice or gross negligence. Drunk driving, aggressive driving and driving under influence of drugs may qualify for punitive damages.

Know How to Find the Right Champion for Your Personal Injury Case

Finding the right auto accident lawyer is critical for the success of your claim.. Insurance companies hire some of the best lawyers and adjusters to counter accident victims' claims and even try to deny them.. Even after a common car accident, where just two cars are involved, you may be faced with delays in getting your claim approved and paid.

At Firouzbakht Law Firm, we have a tested and proven way of handling auto accident injury claims. Here is what an experienced auto accident law firm can do for you:

1. Evaluate Your Case Thoroughly

Before filing insurance claims, our lawyers will attempt to find out everything about how the car accident happened, who the negligent driver is and how much insurance they carry.. We will attempt to get as clear a picture as possible of what happened from:

  • police reports prepared at the accident scene
  • the evidence you managed to collect immediately after the crash (photos and videos)
  • traffic camera footage
  • witness statements.

In case you were in an accident with an uninsured driver or underinsured driver, we will advise you on the most adequate steps you can take to recover your damages. If you carry uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured motorist coverage (UIM), you will file your claim for the auto collision with your own insurance company.

2. Establish Your Degree of Fault

In the state of Colorado, the comparative fault rule states that you can recover damages even if you were partly at fault for the accident. However, the final compensation you receive will be reduced by your percentage of responsibility for the accident. Therefore, a $100,000 settlement will be reduced by $20,000 if you are 20% at fault and you will actually receive $80,000.

Our detailed case investigation aims to establish the accurate level of negligence of crash victims, so that they may receive a fair compensation for their losses, pain and suffering. If necessary, we will hire accident reconstruction experts to make things as clear as possible.

3. Calculate Your Damages

black car involved in accident

Our aim is to get the maximum compensation allowed by law. This means that we are very thorough in calculating all your present and future expenses, costs and financial losses, as well as the impact of the unfortunate event on your physical, emotional and mental state.

In order to do so, we will collect all your bills for:

  • medical costs
  • towing away your damaged car
  • car repair costs
  • lost wages while you were in hospital and recovering at home
  • other out of the pocket expenses you incurred as a result of the accident.

At the same time, we will talk to medical experts and with your family and friends. We will attempt to find out the extent of your injuries, how much recovery you are expected to make, and how your loved one perceive you to have changed in the aftermath of the accident (loss of quality of life, reduced enjoyment of life).

4. Prepare and Negotiate Your Insurance Claim

An experienced car accident lawyer will prepare your claim, appending all supporting documents that the insurance adjuster will need to evaluate the amount we request on your behalf.. Our goal is to reach a fair accident settlement as soon as possible.

However, negotiations take time, because our lawyers are pitted against other experienced attorneys, who will bring their own counteroffer and counterarguments to the table. We advise all our driving accidents clients to be patient and let us work on your behalf.

In most of the cases, the negotiations are successful and we are able to reach a fair settlement. When negotiations stall, we will bring the argument of the potential accident lawsuit that you are prepared to file. This usually brings the negotiations to a fruitful end. However, a few insurance companies are prepared to go to court, believing that they can convince the judge and jury to reduce your claim amount.

5. Analyze the Possibility of Filing an Accident Injury Lawsuit

We advise auto accident victims to file a lawsuit in several cases:

  • the careless driver was underinsured and a jury award will supplement the insurance policy coverage amount
  • the insurance agent refuses to reach a reasonable settlement during negotiations.

In the case of fault drivers without insurance coverage, things are more complicated. In some cases, the responsible driver simply forgot to renew their auto insurance policy. In other cases, they don't have insurance because they don't afford it. In this case, they may not have sufficient assets to seize in order to enforce the lawsuit award you've obtained.

These are complex considerations, analyzed on a case by case basis by an experienced personal injury lawyer. Once we decide that you have a good chance to recover your loss in a lawsuit, we will provide representation and prepare the strongest case we can put together based on the available evidence.

We will also analyze whether the accident was caused by an inexperienced driver errors or by a drunk driver (which may fall into the gross negligence category). In this way, we can determine all the types of damages we will ask the jury to award you.

6. Win Your Case and Get Paid

Last but not least, the best car accident lawyer in Denver works on a contingency basis.. This means that you will not be charged advance fees until we win your case, either by negotiation or in a civil lawsuit. Only then we draw our own fees from the payout amount you receive.

This means that you should not think twice about contacting an experienced accident attorney to offer you professional advice and negotiate your settlement with the negligent parties' insurance company. You should focus on recovering from your physical injuries and emotional trauma, without the burden of worrying about your financial stability.

Remember that You Have a Limited Time to File Your Lawsuit

One of the main reasons why you should retain a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible is the statute of limitations. What does this mean? You only have a period of time of two years to file a claim or personal injury lawsuit.. If you attempt to take any legal action against the liable parties after the expiration of this period of time, the other driver will file a request to dismiss your case. And the judge will approve this request, leaving you with no option to recover your losses.

An experienced auto accident attorney will conduct the negotiations for a reasonable period of time, leaving a sufficient period to prepare your case and file a lawsuit, if necessary.

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